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At the conclusion of the film, Billy acquisitions Layla a heart-shaped cookie immediately after choosing up against murdering this new Costs old boyfriend-football player

In ways, the movie ensures that just what Billy had planned for five age is similar to what Layla gave right up every day being along with her captor. But once more, Billy’s thoughts are perhaps not entirely person to find out that lady you prefer positively more a beneficial cookie to be ordered on the a romance. This is not confirmed incorrect given that Layla allows your to your bed but lets the viewers so you’re able to understand the theory inside in itself, even if this is simply not confirmed if not. There was a feeling that the finish try happier as the guy bought the girl the brand new cookie, but, in a manner, there is certainly an enthusiastic inference state-of-the-art the film is never ever entitled to end an excellent neither bad. The film is an art form configured off stylistic filmmaking selection one to business swarmed into the a romance , funny, and you will adult issues with incorporating dating injury to people who’s never been in one single.

In the a sadistic means, Billy’s terms haven’t any impact away from cruelty or stab with the center rounded that have anxiety. Having traces eg, “If in case you create a trick off myself, We swear in order to God, I am going to eliminate you immediately. Increase! Right in front out-of Mommy and you may Father.” otherwise “And in case I’ve found aside you go close my locker, I claim so you can God I am going to make you a great karate chop right in the direct.” He or she is a child who is saying mindless terms filled with zero impression therefore, the kidnapping problem at pointless feels threatening.

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