El Ministerio de Salud y la Protección Social certifica a DIAGNÓSTICO E IMÁGENES DEL VALLE IPS S.A.S. Se encuentra habilitada para prestar los servicios de salud.
Adoptado mediante circular 0076 de 02 de Noviembre de 2007

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What is queer anarchism and you will what exactly do you suggest reading with the the niche?

Kyiv. Ukraine. Interview having queer-anarchists away from Kyiv about their hobby, idea and you can perspectives. This is exactly area 4 from a number of interview, we are not aware of english translations of the other step 3 interview.

What exactly is queer on your own wisdom?

“Queer” actually was means strange, more, without a doubt that have negative connotations first. That it was once the way to phone call homosexual and you may transgender people in acquisition to humiliate and you may insult her or him. However, throughout the years the term gathered this is away from “odd, thus weird.” In my situation queer is mostly about community and you can notice-character you to definitely arises immediately after alienation, the reason for that is all of our differences away from anyone else, above all, the real difference from inside the sexual positioning.

Compliment of Christianity homosexuality has-been one thing shameful, inappropriate, abnormal, although it are pure, constantly might have been and always will be. Getting in touch with ourselves “queers”, i state: “An adequate amount of that it!” on heteronormative community and you will problem it repairing its very own self-esteem; i heal the feeling that we are also e-chat sign up people, not bad and possibly in some indicates in addition to this as opposed to others.

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