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What is a good first message on Tinder?

The first impression matters a lot, and remember, a photo says a thousand words about you. As you post your pictures on Tinder, keep in mind that the ones you upload should show what you look like and who you are.

Take the photos near the camera so that you are seen. Be in what you like to involve yourself in like if you love reading, you can pose while reading that novel you love. Remember to put on your smile. Showcase your personality!

Avoid questions about your past relationships

Try your best not to bring about your ex-lovers. It sounds awkward, and it is not something to give a priority anyway. Instead, focus on the two of you and ensure that you live in the present. Get into knowing the guy you are with at the moment.

Explore your likes and dislikes, your careers and hobbies, academic backgrounds and even your families. The other person will do the same as you share more about yourself.

How to say ‘Hello’

Tinder conversation starters sometimes may be so challenging and knowing who someone is. It is something you should no longer worry about because there is a way in which you Heterosexual dating dating online can do it. Pose a question like ‘Hello! How is the going?’ then continue to ‘what are you up to this morning, afternoon, or evening?’, and ‘how about your weekend?’

Sometimes, you can send flirty first messages on Tinder or even use emojis because you will increase the personal touch. Always prefer to use open-ended questions. They allow the guy to talk more than just saying yes and no.

An open-ended question is a good first message to text a guy because it is the reason for starting a conversation. Without posing the question, be assured that nothing will happen. Instead, ensure the question is something that can lead to ongoing communication.

How do you keep a conversation going with a guy on Tinder?

A good approach is to ask open-ended questions. Don’t limit a guy to yes or no questions because they will make the conversation boring, and you will lack topics to talk about.

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