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My toxic relationship was fueled by jealousy on both parties

I think I will read this article on a daily basis for the following month. I’m going through of these relationships, been on and off for almost four years, she’s not accepted in my family and I’ve been trying to keep things peaceful but I constantly get into family fights because of her and fights with her because of my family. I know that the hardest thing is to actually ti move on but with all the guidelines on this article I’ll be alright, what I need help with is the actual break up moment, any suggestions?

The relationship should’ve ended at 4 months, but it lasted nearly 3 years

Who cares what family thinks or accepts? Unless you are 10 years old, then do listen to mom and dad kid and stay away from the internet. seems to me you are the one to blame here for letting your family interfere in your life and with your wifes.

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